A couple quick paintings on my ipad while I was on vacation.



A couple Ipad paintings

And a real painting on canvas


11 second Club October

This month's 11 second club entry. Was sort of short of time this month, had to rush through it near the end. Comments appreciated.

11 Second Club - October from Stefan Frank on Vimeo.


11 Second Club - October

Didn't really do too well in last month's 11 second club, hoping to do better this round. These are rough keys, feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated.


11 Second Club

Here's my finished entry for this month's 11 second club. Not fully satisfied with it, still trying to figure out some of the kinks with this software, and I sort of started getting bored with it near the end. We'll see how well it does...



I always wanted to try matte painting so I decided this would be a good time to go for it. I made this by taking various photos, cutting out bits and pieces and sticking them together, doing lots of colour correction and lighting adjustment, and then painting in several more bits by hand to bring it all together.

Here is a mix of the photos I used to start with.