11 Second Club - October

Didn't really do too well in last month's 11 second club, hoping to do better this round. These are rough keys, feedback of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

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Mike said...

Hey stefan!! I like where you're going here! I really like the camera moves. I want to give some notes, but I don't know if I would end up being too picky or not. I like everything, but I think you should play with it more, like on "you see" maybe have him take another small step forward. On "pacify" I like the little hug, but maybe have him do something on top of that, like hug with the arm thats wrapped around the dude, but then maybe like stroke his cheek with the other hand or something. And just other little flourishes of the like.
Also, I've been having trouble importing my sound clip into flash (it plays at the wrong bitrate, and I can't figure out how to alter it) do you know how to fix it?